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    The Nevada Legislature has mandated that the Nevada Housing Division - Manufactured Housing ensure structures manufactured off site or in a manufacturing plant are constructed, transported, installed and repaired in a manner that provides a reasonable degree of safety and protection to the public. Chapters 489 and 461 of the Nevada Revised Statutes provide such authority.

      To insure compliance with the statute, the Division has adopted codes and standards to govern the construction, installation and repair of these structures.  The Division requires permits and inspections to ensure quality of workmanship, safety and compliance through adopted regulations. In the “Projects Requiring a Permit” link on this page, you can find a list of project categories that require a permit including the installation and repairs relating to safety like; structural changes, electrical and plumbing repairs, roof replacement and other repairs and alterations that could affect the health and safety of the occupants. Permits, when required, must be issued by the Division before work can begin.

        Manufactured Housing has a plan review process to ensure your project starts out efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.  Some projects require the submission of plans or a written scope of work before a permit can be issued. Those projects requiring a plan review prior to commencing are also listed on the “Projects Requiring a Permit” link.


        Please submit requests to or the Housing Division office nearest the job site.


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