Titling/Certificate of Ownership

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Phone: (775) 684-2946

Title Department Services

The Titling department provides services to the general public, both new and used manufactured/mobile home dealers, financial institutions, title/escrow companies, and legal offices. All manufactured/mobile homes and commercial coaches that are sold or shipped into Nevada must be registered and titled with the Division. The "Certificate of Ownership" or title is like a "deed" for site-built home.

    Titling Handbook

    This book provides an overview of the Titling process for Manufactured Homes.  This includes the steps needed to complete a transfer of ownership along with important points to remember while doing so, conversions to real property and conversions from real to personal property.  Please use this as a reference for answers to your titling questions.

    Titles/Certificates of Ownership

    The Division issues "titles" and maintains state records of ownership on all manufactured homes, mobile homes and commercial coaches; provides title searches; records liens placed on homes; issues Real Property Notices. The Certificate of Ownership contains information about the manufactured or mobile home.

      Structure Identification

      The structure information contains the name of the manufacturer of the home; the year it was manufactured; the size of the home; and the model and serial number.


        The home owner may be an individual (s), business or Trust. If the home is being financed, the Certificate of Ownership will list the lien holder and the title is sent to the lien holder since they are the legal owners until the loan has been satisfied.

          Manufactured homes and mobile homes must also be registered with the county assessors office for collection of property taxes.  title

            Where can I get a title changed on a manufactured or mobile home?

            Titles or "Certificate of Ownership" are issued by the Division in the Carson City office. You may mail your request or submit it at any of the Division's locations (see the Contact Us page). The fee is $40.00. You may call the titling department at (775) 684-2940 for general information on titling and conversions to real property.

              Can I sell my home myself?

              Yes. Any homeowner may sell his or her personal residence (home). The seller should provide the buyer with the original title and a Bill of Sale. All signatures must be notarized on the original title and Bill of Sale. The Bill of Sale form may be obtained from the Division. The buyer should verify that the property taxes have been paid by contacting their local County Assessor's Office. The buyer will need to have the Title endorsed by the Assessor's Office before it is submitted to the Division. The new homeowner should submit their request for a new title to the Division within 30 days.  trust

                Can the home be registered to a trust?

                Yes. You must complete an Affidavit of Trustee Appointment & Powers form and submit it with your request. The Certificate of Ownership will be issued in the name of the trustee on behalf of the Trust.  converted

                  Can the home be converted from personal property to real property?

                  Yes, in most cases. The home will need to have a conversion inspection by a city, county or state inspector. You must obtain an Affidavit of Conversion form from your local county assessor's office. The form must be completed and recorded with the county recorder's office. The original Certificate of Ownership must be surrendered to Manufactured Housing, properly endorsed on the reverse, along with the Assessor’s signature on the face, and a copy of the recorded Affidavit of Conversion. The Conversion to Real Property is NOT complete until you have received a Real Property Notice from Manufactured Housing. The fee for conversion to real property is $40. You may contact the Title Office at (775) 684-2940 for additional information on conversion procedures.