Title Forms

Contact the Title Office

Phone: (775) 684-2946

You Can Fill Out Forms Before Printing

It is possible to fill out the forms below in your web browser before printing them. Simply click on the first blank line with your mouse and start typing. To move from line to line, use your "TAB" key or the mouse. When you have finished filling in all the required lines, click the print button and a completely filled out form will be printed and ready for signatures.

    Title Search Request

    These forms are used to request the names of current owner and/or lienholder of a manufactured/mobile home. Please send to Manufactured Housing, 1830 E. College Pkwy, Suite 120, Carson City, NV 89706. Fee is $15.00.

    Transfer of Ownership/Duplicate Form

    The following form is used if the Transfer of Ownership (Title) is lost and you wish to obtain a duplicate title OR transfer ownership in any of the three owner categories (Individual, business or Trust).

    Transfer Without Sale

    The following form is used if you wish to transfer ownership through a gift, surrender or repossession.

    Affidavit of Entitlement

    The following form is to be used if you wish to claim ownership pursuant to: NRS 146.080 Estates not exceeding certain amounts: Transfer of assets without issuance of letters of administration or probate of will; affidavit showing right to assets. NRS 133 Wills, NRS 134 Succession

    Conversion Instructions

    The following forms are used to convert your home to real property (TL-110), or from real to personal property (TL-111)

    Other Title Forms

    The following forms are to be used only for specific reasons during the transfer of ownership process.