Lot Rent Subsidy (LRS) Program

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Lot Rent Subsidy Program

Nevada Revised Statutes

What is the Lot Rent Subsidy Program?

The Lot Rent Subsidy Program provides financial aid to qualifying low-income mobile home park residents by paying 30 percent (not to exceed $150) of their monthly space rent. This program is administered from the Carson City office.

    How do I qualify for financial assistance from the Lot Rent Subsidy Program?

    To qualify for assistance from the Lot Rent Subsidy Program, you must meet the following criteria:

      1. You must have been a tenant in the same mobile home park for at least one year before applying for assistance.
      2. You must own the mobile home in which you are living. The Lot Rent Subsidy Program cannot provide funds to people who are renting the mobile home in which they live.
      3. You must have a monthly household income which is either at or below the federally designated poverty level or at or below a level set by Nevada Revised Statue 118B (whichever is higher).
      4. You must be a tenant in a mobile home park and live full-time in that park while receiving financial assistance.
      5. You must not have assets worth more than $12,000. This includes but is not limited to: stocks, bonds, property, savings, investments and more than one vehicle. This does not include the value of one motor vehicle, the value of your home, or the value of the contents of your home (furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc.). 6) You must submit a completed application (pdf) to Manufactured Housing. Why

        Why was the Lot Rent Subsidy Program created?

        Some mobile home park residents live on fixed incomes. Many of them can't afford to move their homes when the rent in their park is raised to an amount which is more than they can afford to pay. Instead of limiting how much park owners can charge for rent (rent control), the Nevada State Legislature created the Lot Rent Subsidy Program.  money

          Where does the money for the Lot Rent Subsidy Program come from?

          Money for the Lot Rent Subsidy Program comes from the mobile home park owners. The amount they contribute is based on how many spaces are in their park. This money is collected each year, deposited into a special fund and then distributed to eligible recipients by Manufactured Housing.  distribution

            How is money from the Program distributed?

            Each month, payments are distributed to mobile home parks in which residents who are eligible for financial assistance from the Lot Rent Subsidy Program live. The owners or managers of the mobile home park deduct this amount from the eligible recipient's monthly rent.  payme

              Can money from the Lot Rent Subsidy Program be sent directly to me?

              No. All subsidy funds are automatically deposited into the mobile home park's bank account. Eligible recipients don't receive money directly from the program.  longterm

                How long can an eligible recipient participate in the program?

                An eligible recipient can participate in the program as long as there are no changes in his or her income. Changes in income, increases in assets, increases in the number of people living in the home, or anything else which would affect the household's monthly income, must be reported to Manufactured Housing. Mobile home park residents who receive assistance from the Lot Rent Subsidy Program must also complete an annual renewal form to continue to receive benefits.  who

                  Can anyone get financial assistance from the Lot Rent Subsidy Program?

                  No. Only those mobile home park residents who have completed the required application and have met the program's guidelines may qualify for assistance.